Author: Kevin Zink

  • Tripleseat Banquet Event Order Samples

    One of the most time-consuming, painful, and annoying parts of planning and managing events is the paperwork between you and the customer, the floor staff, the kitchen staff, etc. The paperwork ranges all the way from Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) and Menus all the way to Contracts and Final Invoices. Creating BEO’s, invoices, and contracts […]

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  • Payment System Revamp

    We recently released an update to simplify and improve our payment system. Changes to what was the “Amount Due” Payment We removed the automatic creation and updating of what was the “Amount Due” payment when a document with a balance is added to an event. Instead, a button is displayed at the bottom of the […]

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  • Private Dining Resources: Free banquet event order templates

    When we redesigned the Tripleseat website a few weeks back, we wanted to make sure we did a couple of things: Keep the existing BEO templates available Give use the ability to expand our resources section to include additional goodies to help our customers and community better do their jobs. It has always been our goal to […]

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  • Tripleseat Upgrade: Duplicate Lead Prevention

    Today we added a new feature to our internal lead form that allows you to detect if a lead being entered already matches up with an existing contact in your system. This check cross references the potential lead’s name, business, phone, and email address for potential matches. If any potential duplicates are found, they’ll be […]

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  • Tripleseat Upgrade: A new way to generate Price per Person

    Today we upgraded our Billing Widget with the ability to generate price per person figures on a per-category basis. Previously, if you wanted to generate price per person off of your Food & Beverage cost, there was no way to exclude certain categories (i.e., audio video, bar costs, packages, etc.).  Now, this is a possibility. […]

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  • Tripleseat Upgrade: Easily Copy Documents

    Today we’ve released another frequently requested feature: the ability to quickly and easily copy documents (BEO’s, contracts, menus, etc.). The process is very straight forward and gives you the option of copying documents on the same booking (for revisions, draft copies, etc.) or copying documents from a separate booking. How to make Copies of a […]

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  • Tripleseat API now available

    We just recently released an API for Tripleseat. If you’re unfamiliar with what an API is and what it can do: In short, it enables our customers to programmatically interface with Tripleseat via outside programs or databases. A working example of this would be if you have an internal database of accounts and contacts that you’re […]

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  • Tripleseat Upgrade: New Financial Report (Pace Report), Accounts and Contacts Custom Fields, and more

    Holy Moly! Another Tripleseat upgrade has been wrapped up. Details as follows… Custom Fields for Accounts and Contacts As requested several times, we’ve extended our custom fields to support accounts and contacts. Now you can keep track of custom information tied directly to an account or contact. These new custom fields can also be added […]

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