Author: Kate Kennedy

  • Tripleseat Release Notes: February 2021

    Let’s get right into it folks because February was a big month for feature releases at Tripleseat! DirectBook updates First things first, DirectBook took the prize for the biggest feature release of 2020, but of course, with every big feature release comes the smaller encore releases, and February was jam-packed with them. Early in the […]

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  • Feature Release: DirectBook Reporting

    For all of our DirectBook users out there, this latest feature release was built to enhance your business planning efficiency. DirectBook reporting allows you to pull a custom report of the menu and billing items associated with events booked using DirectBook. Let’s talk about how it works. First, your user role must be granted access […]

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  • Lead Reporting with Tripleseat

    You’ve successfully set up a multi-channel marketing campaign using all of the tools at your disposal. You sent out a stellar series of marketing emails, optimized your website, updated your Tripleseat lead forms and added them to your social accounts, set up your DirectBook account and promoted it appropriately, improved your listings on VENUES and […]

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  • Feature Release: DirectBook on EventUp

    Tripleseat’s EventUp venue directory now integrates with our groundbreaking DirectBook feature, which gives your customers a seamless and easy way to book, manage, and execute any off-site catering, in-house private events, and takeout and delivery services with zero friction or negotiations. When prospects view your listing on EventUp, they will have the ability to book […]

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  • Feature Release: Autosaving and Manual Saving PDFs

    Ask and you shall receive. Our newest feature release autosaves signed PDFs in your Tripleseat account. This not only adds a vital security element to your event planning but also ensures that all of your signed contracts are legally binding. Let’s talk about how it works. First, you’ll add documents to your events as you’re […]

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  • 5 Simple Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Calling for Event Sales

    Let me begin by stating that absolutely no one looks forward to or even enjoys the act of cold calling prospects. Even your super sales-y friend who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing it doesn’t love it. The bottom line is cold calling is hard, and it’s awkward, but it can also […]

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  • 8 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Hospitality Revenue

    One big takeaway from the past year for the hospitality industry is how important it is to nurture and maintain relationships with your customers. The best and most cost-effective way to develop these relationships is email marketing. But succeeding at email marketing isn’t guaranteed and many hospitality professionals struggle to create relevant email campaigns that […]

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  • Trend Report: Event Trends You Should Know About During COVID

    The events and hospitality industry in our current COVID-19 world looks a lot different than what we’re all used to. And, let’s be real here, it may take until there is a viable, widespread vaccine before it goes back to any kind of complete normalcy. With that said, there are certainly still some interesting trends […]

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  • Whitney Eccher of 4Top Hospitality: What’s in Your COVID Bag?

    We’ve switched up our What’s In Your Bag? feature to focus on what event professionals are carrying in their bag of tricks while running a business during the pandemic. We tapped the brain of one of our favorite event professionals and Tripleseat customer, Whitney Eccher, who is the Senior Sales Manager for 4Top Hospitality in […]

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