Author: Kate Kennedy

  • How Wineries Can Use Tripleseat to Manage Events

    Most people know Tripleseat as an event management platform that caters to restaurants and hotels, but we’re also pretty chummy with wineries and vineyards, and why wouldn’t we be? They make for some pretty spectacular event settings, and Tripleseat makes it insanely easy for event planners working at wineries to book and execute private events. […]

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  • This Week in Hospitality: July 2020 Week 4

    As we get closer to the end of July, we’re seeing some innovative trends that will help the hospitality industry get back to daily business, and some trends that are so bizarre that they not only help us adapt but provide some much-needed laughter. Here’s a roundup of what’s happening in the industry this week. […]

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  • How Caterers Can Benefit from Using Tripleseat

    Understandably there are certain aspects of private dining events that have temporarily changed due to COVID-19. Beyond size and setup, the physical location of some events has been moved from inside the restaurant to inside the home. Now, instead of hosting the event, your restaurant is catering an off-premise affair. Whether or not catering is […]

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  • This Week in Hospitality: July 2020 Week 2

    I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Fourth of July holiday! Summer is in full swing now and outdoor dining is at its peak. Luckily, it’s still seen as the safest option for dining out so restaurant patios continue to bustle with business. Here are a few stories from this past week that highlight […]

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  • Cocktails with Kate & James: Piña Colada Two Ways

    James DeFayette, Tripleseat’s Hotel Onboarding Specialist, and I had so much fun recording the last Cocktails with Kate, we decided to make our dynamic duo a monthly tradition. So, this month I present to you, the inaugural episode of Cocktails with Kate & James! When we found out that July 10 is National Piña Colada […]

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  • This Week in Hospitality: Top 5 Stories from June 2020

    Before everyone calls it quits on the month of June and gets their fireworks, burgers, and beach totes ready for the Fourth, check out our top five stories from the halfway month of 2020. 1. Why it might be time to raise your prices I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, I […]

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  • This Week in Hospitality: June 2020 Week 4

    It’s the last week of June, and every state in the nation has allowed restaurants to welcome diners back in some capacity or another. It’s time to celebrate with my top five industry articles this week. 1. Literally the least you could do A poignant op-ed from Eater Houston this week highlights the issues restaurants […]

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  • This Week in Hospitality: June 2020 Week 3

    We’ve finally hit a point in the pandemic where most, if not all states, have reopened restaurants to some type of “in-house” dining. Whether it’s outdoor seating only, or a scaled-down capacity limit, restaurants across the country are beginning to welcome back customers. Let’s take a peek at some of the other things that happened […]

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