Author: Jonathan Morse

  • Why Did You Develop Tripleseat?

    I get asked this question a lot. The short answer is because there is a need for it. Tripleseat was created because I witnessed first hand how restaurants were losing money and long-term customers. It amazes me that restaurants are still using paper and outdated technology to manage their private event business. When I asked […]

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  • Case Study – Private Dining

    Jeffery Summers of Restaurant Coaching Solutions recently wrote on his business blog a great piece on how a small restaurant was able to capture and profit from on property private dining. The full article is below, but the highlights are that a small restaurant with a capacity for parties of 50 or less was able […]

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  • Top 5 Ways to Drive Your Private Dining Business

    Sophia Banay from Forbes.Com recently wrote an article titled “Ritzy Private Dining Rooms” about the allure and profitability of Private Dining in Restaurants. Banay writes “Private dining rooms, the hidden hallmark of any haute eatery, are in higher demand than ever. Consumers–business and leisure alike–have gotten a taste of the privacy, service and extravagance of […]

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  • CRM for Restaurants

    Over the last 17 years, I have worked in the both the front of the house and the back of the house for hotels and restaurants as a General Manager, Front Desk Clerk, Line Cook, and Catering Sales Manager. I have also been a vendor to the Hospitality industry selling technology like Sales & Catering […]

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  • Is the Party Over?

    For many restaurants and taverns, the beginning of the New Year is the end of the private parties and catering events. The private party business goes from a raging river of booked events to just a trickle. Hotels go through a similar dry spell, but it does not last very long. Within weeks after the […]

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