Author: Jonathan Morse

  • Easy Communication Checklists for Restaurant Event Planners

    For private dining guests, the holiday season can be a time filled with expectations, anxiety, and joy as they look forward to planning the company holiday party or a family reunion. For the restaurateur, event planning can be a nightmare. Guests may call at all hours of the night, make insufferable demands, and complain about every […]

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  • 4 Tips for Meeting the Needs of Special Event Guests

    Special events are filled with memories that last a lifetime. Every guest wants their wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, or family celebration to run smoothly while creating lasting happy memories for all who attend. To help you with your special events, we’ve compiled the top four tips for a successful event planning. 1. Begin Planning […]

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  • Is Tripleseat to Good to be True?

    I receive a number of questions about Tripleseat every day. It seems that the number one question is about the price. Questions like: “is it really only $89 per month?” or “sure it is $89 now but when are you going to whack me for more?” and my favorite, “what are the other charges you […]

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  • Private Dining Saving The Restaurant Industry?

    I have been blogging and speaking about Private Dining for what seems like forever and I am finally seeing restaurant owners and operators starting to treat this business, well, like a business. As the economy continues its roller coaster ride and restaurants grab for any straw they can, it is is the private dining business […]

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  • Why Tripleseat?

    When I speak with restaurant owners and operators a questions I hear often is “why Tripleseat?” Take a look at the power point presentation below. It is unlike any power point you have ever seen. It will answer all questions.  

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  • $27 Billion and Counting

    Did you know that according to the National Restaurant Association restaurant private dining and catering generated over $27 Billion dollars last year? According to “Private Dining spaces are in higher demand then ever” The American Restaurant Association in it’s 2007 Annual Forecast stated the 50% of Casual Dining operators and 60% of Fine Dining […]

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  • Wait, I thought You Were From Boston

    Rest assured people, Tripleseat is based in Boston, BUT the real magic happens in Omaha. Yup, Omaha. Tripleseat is really a partnership in both business and vision with Dusty Davidson and Kevin Zink Founders of a web design development company in Omaha called Brightmix. Now before you start into your Omaha jokes, you should read […]

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  • Tripleseat Software LLC Helping Restaurant Private Party Planners Say, “Sorry, We’re Booked”

    Tripleseat Software LLC Helping Restaurant Private Party Planners Say, “Sorry, We’re Booked” – Restaurant Industry’s Only Web-Based Customer Relationship and Event Planning Software Launches The restaurant industry’s only Web-based customer relationship and private event planning software has just officially completed the Beta release to select customers. Currently available by invitation only, Tripleseat promises to help […]

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  • A Banquet Event Order is born

    The beta launch of tripleseat is off to a flying start. We had so many restaurants interested in the beta program that we had to stop after just two weeks. We want to keep the number of beta customers to a reasonable number so we could manage the experience and the flow of information. One […]

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