Author: Azure Collier

  • March 2021 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry

    The month of March is well known for St. Patrick’s Day and the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament. And it’s also a month full of reasons to celebrate your business and your employees with your social media marketing content. March is a great time to celebrate the people who make up your venue’s team. Give […]

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  • One Easy Way to Add Your Tripleseat Lead Form to Facebook

    There’s no doubt that Facebook is still a primary way that customers connect with restaurants — 74% of diners that have engaged with a restaurant on social media will purchase from the venue — and 91% of restaurants have taken advantage of this activity by maintaining a presence on Facebook, the dominant social media network. […]

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  • February 2021 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry

    February begins in just a few days and there are a lot of widely-observed holidays and events, as well as quirky food celebrations that you can easily use in your restaurant, hotel, or venue marketing content. Sure, you know all about Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, and Groundhog Day, but did you know that February is […]

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  • Social Hour: 2021 Trends and Predictions

    In the hospitality industry, learning about trends is a must if you want your venue to offer the food, beverages, amenities, and services that your customers crave. That’s why we invited Amber van Moessner, the Senior Director of Communications at Upserve by Lightspeed, to share Upserve’s annual report, 2020 State of the Restaurant Industry during […]

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  • Event Sales Techniques for the Hospitality Industry

    Hospitality businesses in 2021 are going to need to improve their sales strategies to drive event bookings and revenue. That’s why two of Tripleseat’s Hospitality Event Sales and Marketing Seminar sessions were dedicated to sales techniques. This seminar — which also includes sessions on inbound and outbound marketing techniques — was created with event sales […]

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  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing Techniques for the Hospitality Industry

    Marketing is the key to getting event leads in 2021. And that’s why Tripleseat created the Hospitality Event Sales and Marketing Seminar, a four-part webinar series to teach hospitality professionals how to develop a marketing-driven approach to their sales enablement strategy. We designed this four-part series with event sales and restaurant marketing managers in mind, […]

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  • How to Drive Event Leads to Your Venue With Social Media

    There’s no doubt that social media users and usage have ramped up as people are spending more time indoors to avoid catching the coronavirus. Not only has the audience grown, but the time we’re spending on our smartphones is up by almost 26 minutes per day, and the food and beverage e-commerce industry increased by […]

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  • How Austin Brewery Jester King Reinvented Itself During the Pandemic and Came Back Better Than Ever

    The history of Austin-based Jester King Brewery is not the typical one of most breweries or restaurants. Yes, its founders got their start with homebrewing, but the brewery’s building and grounds have gone through some unusual changes. The building is an old machine shop from southern Texas that was taken apart and put back together […]

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