Author: Azure Collier

  • Social Hour: Preparing for Career Success in 2021

    Event professionals have had a rough year during the pandemic. Restaurants, hotels, and venues have closed or scaled back as customers quarantined at home and worries about layoffs and furloughs have not let up over the last eight months. Whether you’re working full time in the hospitality industry, planning your next move, or searching for […]

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  • 8 Tips to Increase Your Revenue and Attract Customers in 2021

    In recent years, marketing experts insisted that businesses should treat social media posts, emails, and websites like precious objects. They warned us to be careful with our content; don’t share too much or provide too much information because you will overwhelm or annoy your customers. That logic has gone out the window with COVID. Customers […]

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  • Social Hour: All About Catering and Off-Premise Events

    The demand for catering has skyrocketed in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. Health and safety regulations, the fear of infection, and reduced venue capacities have caused clients to organize at-home or virtual events with catered meals. We asked representatives from two catering companies – Olivia Colt of Salt & Honey in San Francisco and […]

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  • 3 Creative Ideas to Take Your Restaurant Into the Fall Season

    During the 2020 pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of inventive ideas coming out of the hospitality industry, from to-go cocktails, to microparties and microweddings, spaces designed for social distancing, and virtual or hybrid events. As we move into the fall season, Tripleseat customers are sharing a new wave of creative ideas designed to drive bookings […]

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  • Social Hour: Open Forum

    After several weeks of asking hospitality experts to guide our virtual roundtable, we put our attendees in the spotlight for this edition of Social Hour. There’s plenty of topics to cover as the hospitality industry adjusts to life after lockdown. Attendees shared their questions and tips on holiday event bookings, creating DIY tasting boxes or […]

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  • 10 Ideas To Help Your Restaurant Boost Catering Sales

    2020 has been a frustrating year for the hospitality industry, with the COVID pandemic, lockdown periods that kept customers at home, and a slow ramp-up to reopening and in-house dining capacities. But there is one service that restaurants can offer to drive revenue and turn this year into a successful one: Catering. Consumer trends and […]

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  • How to Manage Events While Social Distancing from Clients

    Even though the United States is still dealing with the COVID pandemic, and many states are in phases of reopening and reduced capacity at restaurants, event managers are getting event inquiries for 2020 and beyond.  But how do you do business in a socially-distanced world while keeping yourself and your customers safe? You can capture […]

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