Author: Azure Collier

  • Tips from the Experts on How to Crush Event Sales

    It’s safe to say that an increase in sales is the top goal of every events team at restaurants, hotels, and unique venues. However, busy events professionals don’t always have the time or resources to seek out new techniques to help them crush their event sales projections. Look no further. We’ve gathered the experts to share […]

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  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Cocktail Selection at Events

    Every event professional knows that cocktails play an important role in any event they manage. Clients and their attendees are savvier about drinks now, and are often looking for something new and different from the bar. How do you mix things up to provide a memorable cocktail experience at your events? Here are three ideas […]

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  • Videos: How to Boost Event Sales by Using the Right Data

    Event professionals have a lot of tools at their fingertips to run and organize their events business. And all of those tools collect and report data. There’s so much to sort through, and so little time. What are the reports and numbers you should really be focusing on to analyze and make improvements to your […]

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  • How to Turn Your Event Management Job Into a Thriving Career

    It’s no secret that event managers have one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Not everyone can do this job; it takes a certain kind of person to conquer that stress and meticulously work through all of the large and small details to produce an amazing event experience. And you should be rewarded […]

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  • How to Prove the Value of Events and Private Dining to Your Boss

    There’s no doubt that having a private dining and events program at your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue will bring revenue to your location. But whether you’ve established one or not, you still need to prove the value of dedicating time and resources for private events to your manager, owner, and everyone else who reviews […]

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  • Join Us in Nashville for the Third Annual EventCamp Conference

    We know that event professionals have a lot on their plate, between their day-to-day tasks, planning multiple events at the same time, and driving new leads to their events business. After all of that, there’s not much time left to invest in yourself. So how can event professionals increase their salaries and career prospects? One of […]

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  • Tripleseat by the Numbers: 2018

    We’ve flipped the calendar to the new year, but before we get too far away from 2018, we wanted to share what we at Tripleseat — and our customers — accomplished in the last 12 months. Our company is growing in numbers and popularity. In 2018, 21 new employees joined the Tripleseat team, we were named one […]

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