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6 Ways Online Booking Will Boost Your Restaurant’s Events Business

The work of an event manager involves more than the process of planning events for clients. It also requires spending time attracting and nurturing clients. At times, it feels like managing and responding to leads is a full-time job by itself!

What if you could improve the initial communication with leads, or easily convert low hanging fruit into bookings? You can make it happen by offering online booking for events.

Here are six benefits of providing an online booking experience for your events business.

1. A better booking experience

Your goal is to give guests the best experience possible from start to finish – and that experience begins long before the party walks through your door. Online booking allows you to reduce response times and streamline the annoying paperwork for your guests.

2. 24/7 communication

You’re already sending information and availability, creating contracts, and taking payment information from interested guests, but why wait for them to reach out to you?

Online booking enables you to proactively sell your venue upfront, with automated price estimates and real-time availability based on your unique policies. Now, prospective guests can access your information whenever they’re online – and even book on the spot – whether you’re off the clock or your hands are full with an important client.

3. Converting more parties

Potential guests are overwhelmingly doing their research online, but most website visitors leave after just 10-20 seconds. Maximize the value you provide to visitors and hold their attention for longer – before they move on to the next venue. According to InsideSales, 50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first, and with online booking, you will be the first.

4. Setting guest expectations

The transparency of online booking ensures the guest’s expectations are clear and consistent. At the same time, you get a better understanding of their needs, allowing you to provide a higher level of hospitality.

5. More focus on high-value events

Not all events demand the same level of effort. Online booking gives your guests the tools they need to book standard events from corporate dinners to kids’ birthday parties, so you can focus on prospecting and executing bigger-ticket events.

6. Meeting your customers where they are

More than ever, decision-makers are used to making online purchases for flights, hotels, and even cars. Millennials make 54% of their purchases online, and internet travel booking revenue has grown by more than 73% over the past 5 years. You need to stay competitive in this evolving landscape.

Get online and grow your business

Accepting event bookings online is a great way to enhance your guests’ experience before they even walk through the door – and drive more revenue along the way. Potential customers are already finding you online every day, so why wait to capture their business?

Tripleseat is pleased to bring you this valuable information from our partner, GamePlan. GamePlan provides an online event booking solution that enables venues to effectively market their offerings and book large parties, all on their own private dining website.


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