About Tripleseat’s Venue Listing

What is Tripleseat’s Venue Listing?

Our venue listing is a free service we provide for any restaurant, catering, or other event space who hosts private or group events. We decided to build this platform to better help customer’s of our popular Event Management Software garner more potential leads from outside sources. This service is also freely available to venues who are not already customer’s of our CRM – sign up for free here.


How does Tripleseat’s Venue Listing Differ from others?

Our listing platform differs from other event listing services in several ways.

We don’t charge for this service. That’s right – no fees.
We provide leads for free. We do not charge for leads that come through our service and they are delivered immediately.
We vet and confirm each and every listing. We go through each listing by hand and make sure they’re up-to-date and looking good.
We don’t scrape other websites. All of our listings were voluntarily submitted by the venue managers.
We let venue’s manage their own page. Our customers can manage all of their venue listing’s content (photos, text, etc).


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